do Something Blue is a monthly blues dance held the LAST FRIDAY of the MONTH (unless otherwise noted) @ the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Pasadena, CA


blues dancing los angeles

**CLICK HERE for info about our next dance • Friday, February 26, 2016**


2016 do Something Blue Dance Dates
(do Something Blue is the LAST FRIDAY of the MONTH unless otherwise noted)

January 29*, February 26, March 25, April 29, May 27, June 24, July 29,
August 26, September 30, October 28**, November 18, December 16***

**October 28 - Costume Contest and Pajama Party
***December 16 - Animal Shelter Donation Drive (Bring in your clean, used towels, blankets, etc. to help make the shelter animals more comfortable this holiday season! For a complete list visit Donations to HomeDog LA, LA's North Central Shelter's Non-profit Intervention Program, will also be accepted. What is Home Dog LA? Well, it's a life saver! Through the intervention program, Home Dog L.A. offers options for low-cost or free spay/neuter, medical care (on a case to case basis), vaccines, pet redemption fees, landlord deposits, and humane euthanasia. Helping people keep the pets they love at home, one animal at a time! Find out more at


blues dancing los angeles

NEXT BLUES DANCE: Friday, February 26, 2016

Dance with Me (home of Blues Liberation Front)
14261 Ventura Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 91423

BLUES DANCE LESSON 9PM-10PM (included in cover)
Instructors Meghan Mehta and TBA

BLUES DANCE 10PM-2AM (included in cover)

10PM-11:20PM DJ TBA
--Out-of-Towner/Birthday Dance --
--Bow Tie Dance --
11:20AM-12:40AM DJ Anna Washenko
12:40AM-2AM DJ Katie Belsky

What's a Steal Dance?

A Steal Dance is when special* dancer(s) are invited to the center of the dance floor and other dancers steal them throughout the selected song. Steal them often and kindly, like when (s)he is coming out of/leading a turn and you can easily grab his/her hand.
*Special at dSB means it is the dancer’s birthmonth, (s)he is moving away, or visiting from out-of-town.

What's the Bowtie Dance?
The Bow Tie Dance is our tribute to Carl Flores, a SoCal dancer who was a warm and welcoming person known the world over. Carl loved dance, he loved to travel, and he loved to wear bow ties. He left us too soon and in honor of him our first song after the Out-of-towner/Birthmonth Steal Dance invites everyone back on the floor to dance with someone they have NEVER danced with before. It's our Bow Tie Dance - meet new people, make new friends. We miss you Carl!



There is a lot located behind the studio as well as plenty of street parking. Please read signs carefully.

If the lot is full, there is ample street parking. Read all parking signs carefully.


All attendees are expected to respect and abide by our Code of Conduct. It is displayed at the front desk nights of the dance and is always available online at
If you feel that anyone is disrespecting the Code of Conduct, please bring this to Tracy's attention (if you can't find her/don't know her, ask the person at the front desk to locate her for you).


Birthmonth Registration

Sign up for dSB's Birthmonth List by 11PM the Wednesday before the dance & get in FREE*!
Submissions received after the deadline are welcome to join the Birthmonth Dance but will NOT get in for free.

*Special Engagements Excluded (discounted cover of $5 will be offered for January's Special Engagement dance, cash or credit at the door - there is a $1 fee for all credit card transactions).

By signing up for the birthmonth list you have agreed to be on our mailing list. If you unsubscribe from this list you will also be permanently removed from our Birthmonth List. Anyone found to make fraudulent birthmonth claims will no longer have the opportunity to be on any month's Birthmonth list.

If you have already submitted your birthmonth a previous year, there is NO NEED TO RESUBMIT. Again, you only need to SUBMIT ONCE. There is NO NEED TO EVER RESUBMIT!



Animal Shelter Wish List & Donations

dSB Founder and Organizer, Tracy, loves animals. As a volunteer at LA Animal Services from 2009-2015 and currently at the NKLA Adoption Center. She invites you to bring donations for the shelter to any of the monthly dances. Even the smallest item means a lot to the animals, especially your old (but clean) towels and bedding. Here are a few different ways (she'll drop off the items at the shelter for you!) you can help:

1) Bring in your old (but clean) towels/bedding or any other item from LA Animal Services' North Central Shelter's Wish List to any of dSB's monthly dances. Towels/bedding make nice soft surfaces for the animals at the shelter..and we go through A LOT of them (for sanitary reasons, they are often discarded when a new animal occupies the kennel)!

2) Choose Home Dog LA as the Non-Profit you support when making a purchase on Amazon (Smile). .05% of every qualifying purchase completed using Amazon Smile will benefit this life-saving organization that runs the Intervention Program at North Central Shelter. Find out more at and

Also, if you’re interested in adopting a pet, please feel free to talk to Tracy about your options (adopt, rescue, foster, etc) at the dance!