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*NEW TIME* 8:30PM-9:15PM Blues Dance Class
Class included in cover

*NEW TIME* 9:15PM-1AM Blues Dance
DJ'd Music


Fred Astaire Dance Studio

740 E. Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101


Need to know where to park? See our Parking Guide below.



*This is the cash discount price. Full price (using Credit/Debit) for entry is $11. No Bills Larger Than $20 Accepted.

All attendees are expected to respect and abide by our Code of Conduct.
It is displayed at the front desk nights of the blues dance and is available online at
If you feel that anyone is disrespecting the Code of Conduct, please bring this to Tracy's attention (if you can't find her/don't know her, ask the person at the front desk to locate her for you).


Do NOT park in lot directly connected to Fred Astaire. They tow.

Street Parking There are many metered and unmetered spaces surrounding the studio, including residential streets. Some, if not all (?), of the meters are off by the start of the blues dance class and dance. Read all parking signs and follow all parking restrictions.

Nearby Parking Lots $5-7. Exact change only. Make sure you pay. They tow.

Note: There is NO street parking allowed in Pasadena between 2am and 6am except where posted otherwise. Though the dance ends at 1am we just want to make sure that you know to move your car before 2am if you’re parked on the street otherwise it could get towed.

-CLICK HERE- for a printable version of the Parking Guide below.

A Steal Dance is when special* dancer(s) are invited to the center of the dance floor and other dancers steal them throughout the selected song. Steal them often and kindly, like when they are coming out of/leading a turn and you can easily grab their hand.
*Special at dSB means it is the dancer’s birthmonth, they are moving away, or visiting from out-of-town.


The Bow Tie Dance is our tribute to Carl Flores, a SoCal dancer who was a warm and welcoming person known the world over. Carl loved dance, he loved to travel, and he loved to wear bow ties. He left us too soon and in honor of him our first song after the Out-of-towner/Birthmonth Steal Dance invites everyone back on the floor to dance with someone they have NEVER danced with before.It's our Bow Tie Dance - meet new people, make new friends.We miss you Carl!



Birthmonth Registration

Register your birthmonth with do Something Blue by 11PM the Wednesday before the blues dance and get in FREE!

After completing the Birthmonth Registration form (link provided), you will receive an email at the address provided. You MUST REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. This allows us to verify your contact information for our mailing list*.

NOTE: You MUST REPLY to this email by 11PM the Wednesday before that month's blues dance (assuming that is the month of your birth) to be placed on our guest list (free entry).
If you are submitting a few months before your birthmonth, great! You're planning ahead! Just don't forget to REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.
Replies received after this deadline are welcome to join the birthmonth steal dance but will NOT get in for free.
Special Engagements Excluded. If your birthmonth is a month for which this applies, at dSB's discretion, either a discounted cover will be offered or you will be emailed with the replacement offer.

*By signing up for the birthmonth list you have agreed to be on our mailing list. If you unsubscribe from our mailing list you will also be permanently removed from our birthmonth list. Anyone found to make fraudulent birthmonth claims will no longer have the opportunity to be on any month’s birthmonth list.
If you have already submitted your birthmonth a previous year, there is NO NEED TO RESUBMIT. Again, you only need to SUBMIT ONCE. There is NO NEED TO EVER RESUBMIT!
We can't wait to celebrate your birthmonth with you!


Animal Shelter Wish List & Donations

do Something Blue | Blues Dance in Los Angeles | NC Jolie

dSB Founder and Organizer, Tracy, loves animals. As a volunteer at LA Animal Services from 2009-2015 and currently at the NKLA Adoption Center. She invites you to bring donations for the shelter to any of the monthly blues dances. Even the smallest item means a lot to the animals, especially your old (but clean) towels and bedding. Here are a few different ways (she'll drop off the items at the shelter for you!) you can help:

1) Bring in your old (but clean) towels/bedding or any other item from LA Animal Services' North Central Shelter's Wish List to any of dSB's monthly blues dances. Towels/bedding make nice soft surfaces for the animals at the shelter..and we go through A LOT of them (for sanitary reasons, they are often discarded when a new animal occupies the kennel)!

2) Choose Home Dog LA as the Non-Profit you support when making a purchase on Amazon (Smile). .05% of every qualifying purchase completed using Amazon Smile will benefit this life-saving organization that runs the Intervention Program at North Central Shelter. Find out more at and

Also, if you’re interested in adopting a pet, please feel free to talk to Tracy about your options (adopt, rescue, foster, etc) at the blues dance!