I'm so glad do Something Blue is a solid venue in the Southern California dance scene. Since Blues is my preferred dance, I love having a place to go full of dancers like minded. Always look forward to going! - Taryn B

I always enjoy seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. The variety in music also allows me to find different tempos with which to play with in dancing musicality. - B.Hanson

Such a great monthly event! I love blues, and i love the vast number of people that attend do something blue. I look forward to dancing with my favorite dancers and friends every month. -Caitlin M.

Blues dancing is the closest high I've experienced to performing music, and Do Something Blue is where I learned to blues dance.

The people usually don't limit themselves to cliques. You can typically ask anyone to dance and they'll say yes at least once. This makes for a fantastically friendly and positive atmosphere. As a relatively amateur lead, I can say you will find at least one follow that really gets into the dance at your exact wavelength (unless you're sleazy or something).

Some folks are great friends with each other and will put on fantastic, joking dances intermittently. All-around great time if you truly love music, even as someone that goes to these alone! -Danny F.

Great music, dance floor and people.
I always have fun time and they have lessons before the main dance so people get a chance to meet each other before the dj starts the night of music and dancing.
(Plus Tracy puts out candy and veggies for munching) 🙂 -Jennifer B.

A huge dancefloor, great vibe, fun people and excellent music. The dancer who runs it, Tracy, is a sweetheart and a very community-minded person. One of the important blues dance venues that keeps the scene alive. I always have a great time. Highly recommended! -Robert S.