Shelter Wishlist

blues dance kuranda bedDonate a Dog Bed
do Something Blue’s founder, Tracy James, regularly volunteers at L.A. Animal Services’ North Central Shelter and loves helping the shelter animals.
Help her keep a shelter dogs cozy and warm!
This shelter uses Patented Kuranda Dog Beds – they are durable, chew proof, and easy to clean.

CLICK HERE if you would like to donate a Kuranda Dog Bed, in full or in part, to North Central Shelter. Any amount welcome. All donated funds will be pooled for the purchase of the beds.


L.A. Animal Service’s Wish List
Please look over the wishlist below and consider making a donation to help shelter animals. Just bring the item(s) to the next dance and Tracy can deliver them to the shelter for you! Remember, your old (but clean) towel, blankets, and sheets mean a lot to a shelter animal!

Blankets, Sheets (Kennels)
Medium, Large and Extra Large Dog Crates (Dog Foster Program)
Gently used Bath Towels and Wash Cloths
Gentle Leaders, Martingale Collars
Leashes, Standard Collars, and (Easy-Walk)Harnesses
Sandwich Baggies for treats
Stainless Steel Bowls 2 – 4 quart
Gallon jugs of white vinegar
KMR Formula: Milk Replacement for Kittens
Espilac Formula: Milk Replacement for Puppies
Cat & Dog Shampoo and Conditioner
Timothy Hay
32 ounce Water Bottles
Rabbit Condos
Aquarium Tanks
Reptile Heat Lamps and Accessories
Bird Toys
Turtle Supplies
Dog Beds
Cat Beds
Doggie Sweaters
Puppy Pens (30″ or higher)
Grooming combs and brushes, blow dryer
Cat and dog toys
Advantage or Revolution flea treatment
Cat litter
New Scratching Posts
4″ solid rubber balls for the dogs to play with
Care Fresh small animal bedding
New or gently used plastic cat carrier and large dog crates
Gift Cards to Petsmart or Petco
Packaged, unopened and not expired for Veterinary Center:
3X3 or 4X4 gauze
Scalpel blades
Bandage material, roll gauze, vet wrap, etc.
IV line, IV fluids, catheters
Non-expired medication
Surgical instruments
Pre-filled 5ml and 10 ml saline syringes- Please no HEPARIN LOCK
Baby scale
X-ray machine, developer, supplies
Pulse-ox or monitoring equipment
Coffee Cans, clean and empty
Disposable surgery gowns and booties