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Allyson Rice
Andy Lee
Charlie Hull
Chris Gauntt
Jamie Leake
Jacob Canon
Jeff Meyer
Justin Zillman
Katie Belsky
Ken Cirimelli
Lani Olsen
Whitton Frank


blues dance dj allysonALLYSON RICE
Allyson’s love of blue music led her to DJing dances and parties at Northwestern University, while living in Chicago (back in the day). But after many years away from it, where her eclectic music sets were primarily played during the 10 years of group retreats she’s been running through her business, The Total Human, it was when she discovered The Fusion Exchange that inspired her to jump back into the DJing world. Her sets can now be heard at different blues dance venues and private parties around the Los Angeles area. When not sitting in the dark playing music for people, or running retreats, Allyson designs her one-of-a-kind jewelry line called Spiritual Bling®, has created coloring books for grown-up women called “The Color Of Joy” and “Dancing With Life”; and before that, spent many years as an actress/dancer on stage and in television, including 7 years as Connor on “As The World Turns”.


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blues dance dj charlieCHARLIE HULL
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blues dance dj chrisCHRIS GUANTT
Christopher “DJ Saebel” Gauntt, has been dancing swing/blues for 10 years, as well as a bit of various styles: tango, waltz, salsa, etc. He got into DJ-ing by accident for a Halloween party about 4 years ago. The response was so overwhelming, he got sucked into the scene. If you have a specific favorite song you’d like him to consider playing at our event, e-mail him the song title/album/artist to, and he’ll see what he can do.



blues dance dj jamieJAMIE LEAKE
Jamie Leake began DJing in college at the University of North Texas, where he DJed with the Social Dance Liberation Front. He has a deep and abiding love for eclectic blues dance sets. He shakes his fists with glee when he finds a track he’s never heard anyone play. His favorite color is blue and he hopes one day someone will give him a clear, concise definition of irony. Jamie shaves his head every other day with a Mach 3.



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Bio coming soon.


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blues dance dj katie02KATIE BELSKY

Katie started her love affair with dance back in 2004 when she fell head over heels for Lindy Hop. After training in a number of different dance styles, including West Coast Swing, Latin, and Ballroom, she discovered Blues in 2007. Her love of Blues cannot be contained, as she can be found organizing national Blues events as well as teaching and DJ-ing throughout Southern California. Katie loves to create a good time with music and adores all genres of Blues. Though her sets tend toward more traditional styles, she can bring some soul to the dance floor when needed. Katie hopes to spread her love of Blues faster than adorable kitten videos on YouTube!


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Bio coming soon.


blues dance dj whittonWHITTON FRANK
Whitton started dancing at the tender age of eight, when she was enrolled in a ballet class. As the years progressed so did her love of dance. Whitton is originally from breezy San Francisco, but learned to blues dance at college in Pittsburgh, PA. It has been her goal to bring a little bit of the Pittsburgh Dirty Blues to California. She has DJed various events in Pittsburgh including End of the Month Blues and Saturday Late Night Blues. She loves both classical and contemporary blues music and artists and tries to reflect that when she DJs. Whitton enjoyed teaching a weekly blues class with Tim on Monday Nights for many years and is now off studying in London.





If you are interested in DJing, we ask that you create a CD / Spotify Playlist / Other Fancy Technology Option with these things in mind:

1.) All songs must be Blues (songs you would find in the blues section at a music store.)
2.) You must use good quality tracks/recordings
3.) No song should exceeds 4 minutes 30 seconds
4.) 15-20 songs only (craft a set)

Then, share your playlist with us.
If a CD, label it with:
1.) Your name
2.) Email
3.) Phone number
4.) A copy of the playlist.
And drop off it off at the front desk of the dance.

If a Spotify Playlist, email us at to find out our username.

Once we listen to your submission, we’ll get back to you with our feedback. We may even ask you to DJ a short set, after which you will be critiqued. Depending on the results, you might get a longer set at a later date or asked to create another playlist for review.